The Shakuhachi Workbook is an exercise book to provide daily warm-up and practice exercises specifically for the shakuhachi. Similar to those available for the Western flute but adapted for shakuhachi and written in Kinko notation, the book is intended for technical development of shakuhachi playing. There are exercises for warming up, breath control, embouchure development, intonation, finger dexterity, atari, meri, koro koro, and for phrasing. An accompanying CD provides examples of how the exercises should be approached with verbal introductions (in English). Available exclusively at


The Practical Shakuhachi
 is a book of practice etudes and exercises for shakuhachi. Written in Kinko notation, The Practical Shakuhachi offers 90 pages of music to help improve your playing. It is a companion to James Nyoraku Schlefer's earlier Shakuhachi Workbook and presents new technical challenges, including long tone exercises, meri practice, intervals for embouchure development, intonation practice, and a section for practicing Western scales and arpeggios. Available exclusively at


Shakuhachi Duets offers ten original compositions for two shakuhachi composed by James Nyoraku Schlefer. This is a dual-language edition with text in English and Japanese and the musical scores transcribed in both Kinko and Western notation. The accompanying practice CD includes each piece with both parts performed together as well as each part separately. This enables you to play along “Karaoke” style while following the written notation provided. Since the duets are transcribed in Western 5-line staff as well as Japanese cursive notation, they can be played along with silver flute, violin, guitar or any melody instrument. Available exclusively at