KYO-SHIN-AN ARTS - Two Traditions: One Musical Legacy

Kyo-Shin-An Arts is a not-for-profit dedicated to the integration of Japanese classical instruments—specifically shakuhachi, koto and shamisen—in Western classical music. We are facilitating, commissioning and producing new works and concerts that bring forth the outstanding virtuosity of the Japanese tradition within the context of chamber ensembles and orchestras. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of Western and Japanese classical music, Kyo-Shin-An Arts’ projects capture the energy sparked by cross-cultural collaborations between two highly structured, formal disciplines in a contemporary context.

Japanese and Western classical music traditions share a great many things; adherence to structure, long histories of musical evolution, and a significant range of distinct periods and styles as well as music of breathtaking beauty. The training in both disciplines is rigorous and high standards prevail for both performance and composition. Despite obvious differences in form and sonority, these traditions also display many similarities and can be remarkably compatible.

In the past there have been notable occasions in which these unique forms have been merged, but now the time has come to truly establish a musical legacy that incorporates both cultures. Kyo-Shin-An Arts


この二つの素晴らしく巧みな音楽伝統に独自に専念することにより、虚心安アーツは欧米諸国における日本の伝統的な音楽に対する関心・評価を高めると同時に、新たなる作品の作成・奨励や、新旧の邦楽と洋楽との融合を昇進してことをミッションとしています。 詳細は虚心庵アーツのホームページでご覧下さい。