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Live performance on May 17, 2017 of a traditional Edo period trio “Miyako no Haru.”

From a live performance in Japan on May 28, 2006, this is a performance of “Brooklyn Sanya” an original composition based on the 300 year old classic piece “Sanya.”

Live performance with the Orchestra of the Swan, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK, on May 28, 2011. Kenneth Woods, Conductor

Yoko Reikano Kimura and James Nyoraku Schlefer perform Schlefer’s "Duo No.2" in a live performance in Japan.

“Jyogen no Kyoku” (Waning Moon) 1970, by Tadao Sawai, performed with Yoko Nishi—Koto
A dramatic, virtuoso piece that explores the sound possibilities of both the shakuhachi and the koto.

“Duo No. 1” by James Nyoraku Schlefer, performed with Yoko Nishi—Koto
An original work that includes compelling rhythms, improvisation, and some non-traditional playing.

“Haru no Umi” (Spring Sea) 1929 by Michiyo Miyagi, performed with Yoko Nishi—Koto
Miyagi’s seminal work for shakuhachi and koto—one of the first pieces to embrace Western influence on Japanese instruments.